Discover the history of our Salon


The Property was built in about 1735 and became a Public House called The Feathers and remained a pub until the early 1900’s.


1929. The shop was reopened as a childrens clothes shop called Lavinia’s and remained so until the death of the then owner in 1934. The shop then became a hairdressing salon. It was taken over by a Ladies Hairdresser Called Mrs Seldon until her retirement in 1960.


1960. The salon was called Sonia Burge around this time, but the name was changed to Parnassus a few years later. The 1971 Film ‘Carry-On At Your Convenience’ was partially filmed in Uxbridge and the salon and surrounding area where highlighted in a scene from the film.


1996. Mrs Nobbs then owned the Parnassus business until the early 2000’s.


2017. Mark Berry is now the proud owner of the Hairdressing Business.

Many thanks to local historian Ken Pearce for all his information and images used on this page.